Mustak Batliwala  held World Memon Day at his residence on 05/24/2023 .
Mr Iqbal Memon officer was the Chief Guest of the occasion.
Mustak Batliwala , the chairman of MOCA Memon Organization of California, presented the Momento of Appreciation to Mr.Iqbal Officer  for his rendering services to the community.

The members of the MOCA present were
  • Asif Abbali (President)
  • Shehzad Bangloria(Vice President)
  • Arif Siddiq (Secretary ),
  • Nasir Memon ( Vice Secretary)
  • Anis Memon  (Treasurer)
  • Afroz Lokhandwala (Treasurer)
  • Board members present were:
  • Asif Siddiqi, Junaid Mussani,Rehan Ismail,Asif Idrees.
Also present were:
Yakoob Zaveri
Shoib Kothawaala
Anis Bakali
Javed Molvi
Sajid Batliwala
The evening concluded with a delicious dinner served to all the guests